We rehearse Monday nights at 7:30PM, in the Fellowship Hall of First Parish Stow & Acton, 353 Great Rd in Stow.

Schubert’s scrumptious Mass in E-flat, Handel’s dramatic oratorio Samson featuring stellar Boston area soloists, and the enduring masterpiece Mozart’s Requiem are among the musical joys on the 2018 program.

We’re rehearsing Schubert now–this is a great time to visit! If you’ve been thinking about getting back into singing, or haven’t yet been in a chorus but keep wanting to try it, Schubert’s sixth and final Mass is a very satisfying treat. There are lots of helpful resources and practice files to support the part-learning we do at rehearsal. We are lively, sociable, curious about the material we’re singing, and enjoy picking up a little music history and theory along with the notes themselves.

The Chorus member handbook has all kinds of useful info. You can also reach us at soundsofstow [at] gmail [dot] com, or call us at (978) 707-9887. Come drop in on rehearsal to check out the vibe. Chat up some singers at our after-concert receptions. Find out why we look forward to Monday evenings so much!