Current Season

44th Annual Springfest Sunday May 14, 2017 4:00pm, First Parish of Stow & Acton

Songs of Love, Lilt, and Laughter:

A Celtic Spring Fling

with special instrumental guests Berit Strong (guitar, viola da gamba), Billy Novick (clarinet, pennywhistle), and Brian O’Neill (bodhrán, etc) joining the Sounds of Stow Chorus for a feast of folk music from the British Isles


The Springfest concerts are a fun tradition and great “bonding experience” for Stow area community and friends. In contrast to the “big works with orchestra” that are such a joy to create, but also involve much hard work and commitment, the Spring concert is our chance to explore and play and take risks with things we haven’t tried yet. From audience-participation immersion in Civil War history and music, to modern jazz mass settings; from the delightfully bizarre ‘Animal Crackers’ of Eric Whitacre (including rather unusual sound effects) to recital-style roundups of our remarkable treasury of local talent; a workshop weekend with Alice Parker, collaborations with other local groups; it’s always fun and fascinating.